Saturday, January 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 2 “Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez?” (B)

This is hardly the first time that Emily has failed to do the basic research she should have and ended up causing a huge PR mess. Some simple googling could have told her that Grégory wasn’t some friend of Pierre’s and that he was his nemesis, and that might have made her at least think twice about posting the photos of him on the suitcase so gleefully. It was interesting to see Julien swoop in to try to fix it and, for once, communicate with another native French speaker in France. Emily really is clueless, unable to discern whether people were kidding when they said that you’re not allowed to work on weekends in France and completely unaware that she was being mocked by the restaurant owner who didn’t have the spray champagne out when she ordered it. She also had no clue that Sylvie was married and that she was insulting her husband, surely not the last time she’ll make that kind of mistake. Gabriel also isn’t doing himself any favors by calling Emily while Camille is there and in full view of her phone, and Emily is, as she says, most at risk of blabbing about the fact that she slept with him as she’s spending far too much time alone with Camille. Mindy may not be much help with that since she’s distracted by the news that her father was apparently visiting where she was recently, and I suspect we’ll see more of that family in the near future.

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