Saturday, January 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 4 “Jules and Em” (B+)

It seemed far too easy that Emily would have already been able to sit down and get Camille to be open enough to listen to her. For as much as Camille has gone out of her way to be extremely friendly to Emily at every opportunity, she now seems unamused at all of Emily’s quirks and the fact that she has made no effort whatsoever to learn the language. Insisting that the meeting be held in French was harsh, and, while Emily’s gesture of writing a letter in French seemed well-intentioned to me, Camille wasn’t at all impressed, and calling her an illiterate sociopath suggests that there’s not much hope left there. Gabriel saying that he can’t honestly say that sleeping with her didn’t mean anything to him also complicates matters, and there’s no way Emily should pursue that, even if Camille is intent on never speaking to her again. For as much as Emily isn’t great at French, she does know that shoplifting isn’t a great idea, and she should probably befriend the other native English speaker so that they can fully understand each other all the time. Mindy, who is considerably more experienced with the nuances of French culture, is also adjusting to something new, which is battling against a mime while singing for tips in the park. It isn’t too surprising that Emily has been using horse hair shampoo, another instance of her thinking she is completely aware of what’s going on and just being that much off that she doesn’t even realize how wrong she is.

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