Sunday, January 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 5 “An Englishman in Paris” (B)

So much for Emily finding a better influence in her French class. Just because her new partner spoke English didn’t mean he was taking things seriously, and it’s possible that Emily would feel more comfortable in places that don’t feel French even if it’s not so good for her adjustment to the Parisian lifestyle. It was incredibly awkward to see just how enthusiastic and warm Camille’s parents were when they saw Gabriel, mainly because they had no idea that they weren’t together at the moment and that Emily was partially responsible for them splitting up. Camille’s mom wasn’t shocked when she did learn that information, and her plan for Camille to get Gabriel back makes it very possible for Emily to screw up. Making out in the restaurant after they were flirting shows that their feelings are very much still there for each other, and it’s almost as if Camille’s mom has set a test that Emily is sure to fail. Angry Camille is definitely scary, and I’m sure she’ll return before the end of the season. It’s strange that Julien and Mindy haven’t met yet since I feel like they would very much see eye-to-eye on things, though Mindy got it wrong when she introduced Julien to her bandmate who was very much straight and more attracted to her than she was to him. Other than that, she seems to be doing pretty well for himself in her newfound passion, even if she’s still not legally allowed to work in France.

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