Sunday, January 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 6 “Boiling Point” (B+)

As Emily and Camille both sort of honor their deal not to be with Gabriel, everyone else was getting some action in a way that was most definitely affecting their work. Mindy’s romance with Benoit has the potential to be the most problematic since the two of them are doing duets that have become their livelihood, and if it gets messy, they’re not going to be working together anymore. Sylvie thought that she was going to ruin her relationship with a much younger man, but he took the news much better than she did when Vespa called and delivered the news that made her quite irate. Julien could use a win after the disappointment of Benoit’s heterosexuality, but he’s started out with very high expectations on Gerhardt’s part. It was quite amusing when both Camille and Emily said “of course” when Gabriel expressed that he was glad that they were there, and they do make a good team, even if Camille was bending the rules in her extensive flirtation with Gabriel that had Emily raising her eyebrows. As she was having all this business success and even helping Antoine find a way to continue working with Gabriel, Emily was distracted by Alfie telling her that she wasn’t fun. It was quite irresponsible for her to just hop on the Vespa and ride it to French class, but she made her point and impressed him when she saw him on the side of the road and suggested that he hop on.

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