Thursday, February 6, 2014

What I’m Watching: Almost Human

Almost Human: Season 1, Episode 9 “Unbound” (C)

I think the only compliment I can give this show regarding this episode is its casting of Gina Carano. The actress, who appeared in “Fast and Furious 6” this past summer, is the perfect person to play a renegade police bot whose wiring got messed up and who turned out to be a killer soldier instead. It wasn’t her storyline that left all that much to be desired, but rather the way in which all the policework on this show plays out. I also knew that John Larroquette’s Dr. Nigel Vaughn was actually supporting the endeavors of Danica the whole time rather than trying to stop them, and therefore the eleventh hour twist of him disappearing after Kennex’s needle-stabbing didn’t work was far from satisfying. Maldonado’s only function seems to be to complain about how she can’t see anything, and that doesn’t speak too well to the reliability of non-robot technology in this show’s imagined future. Rudy as a character is a huge embarrassment, and the requirement for awkward comic relief from the tech guy was more than fulfilled during his first appearance on the show. When Kennex’s grumpy antics are the least irritating part of the episode, you know something is wrong. Dorian taking issue with the idea that the same person built him and Danica and that he might be subject to the same malfunctions as she had was a slightly redeeming notion, but there’s a self-contained nature to this show that makes its universe seem impossibly small.

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