Monday, February 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 2, Episode 14 “Dead Clade Walking” (B+)

Sometimes, this show just has some truly random plotlines, but Sherlock’s enthusiasm for them make them work. Finding what seemed to be the remains of a dinosaur led Sherlock to consult someone besides him who was an expert in the field, which in this case was the aptly-named Gay, played by Ashlie Atkinson of “Compliance,” “Rescue Me,” and others. The notion of the “Dead Clade Walking” theory was quite intriguing, and, as usual, Sherlock had to set out to prove that something thought by many not to be true was in fact an indisputable reality. Casting Jane Alexander as C, the mysterious woman with whom Sherlock had exchanged erotica for years, was fun, and this show knows how to make the most of even its most minor plot points. This episode also had an unexpectedly solid supporting story involving Sherlock’s reluctant decision to become a sponsor, which has now resulted in him having to mentor someone who isn’t as in control of his decisions as Sherlock now is. Randy’s struggle with dealing with someone who didn’t have the same attitude about being sober as him ended with an unfortunate relapse, and it was good to see Sherlock, who is rarely a beacon of understanding and even more rarely gentle, do exactly what was required of him in his role as a sponsor. Watson and Andre have clearly rubbed off on him in a positive way, and it’s good to see that he’s becoming competent at dealing with problems that don’t relate exclusively to the perpetration of crimes.

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