Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 3, Episode 6 (B+)

With “Pucks” officially dead, it was hard to know where this show might next go, but a chance run-in with an agent who happened to really like “Lyman’s Boys” and wants to read their other pilot script, despite Beverly’s lack of desire to write another show, makes perfect sense as a logical next step. People just don’t want to laugh on Saturday nights, and as Myra put it, SNL isn’t always that funny. Beverly giving up and knitting before Sean finally threw in the towel and agreed to let the other kid actors split Stoke’s lines was entertaining, and I heartily enjoyed Matt’s tirade against British people, inappropriately directed right at Beverly and Sean. My favorite part of this episode was something I never thought I would say: the guest spot from Tracy Spiridakos, who is awful on “Revolution” as Charlie, as Morning’s sister-daughter Dawn. It just supports my theory that performers put in infinitely more effort on cable shows, but it’s most notable because the casting is dead-on since Spiridakos looks so much like Mircea Monroe. Her attitude towards her mother and her desire to have Matt say “How you doin’?” during sex was entertaining, and it was fantastic to see the fury it brought out in Morning, who rarely gets a chance to have a personality. Matt’s comment that they are just plowing through that family was great, and it demonstrates just how fabulous and clever this show continues to be. Unfortunately, Matt’s latest tryst seems to have cost him his relationship with Jamie, and so he might remain down in the dumps for some time to come.

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