Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 4, Episode 4 “Strangers on a Train” (B+)

There are few people quite as self-destructive as the Gallaghers (though the Milkovich children might come close). At least Lip, who was late to his midterm and then went ballistic on some cars, found a more positive direction for his life after all that, opting to appeal to one professor who might actually give him a shot. I couldn’t figure out where I recognized him from, and it turns out that actor Gideon Emery played commando Booth on ABC’s short-lived “Last Resort.” Fiona isn’t curbing her desires at all, and a close call at Robbie’s place wasn’t enough of a wake-up call that what she’s doing to Mike is awful and can’t possibly end well. It’s a relief that Debbie’s boyfriend had enough sense not to sleep with a thirteen-year-old, and good to see her open the door for Fiona, letting her back into her life a little bit. Carl truly is a dutiful son, and he sure had a good time breaking Frank’s leg for him. The way in which it was revealed may not have been nice, but I think that Sammi and Frank will ultimately have a very nice and possibly even appropriate relationship. It’s good to see the Milkovich clan still featured, and Mickey’s latest act of solidarity for his prostitute bride seemed to backfire, but a new partnership with Kev may just do the trick and help this show’s two secondary families rise up and do their best to break out of the poverty level.

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