Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 3, Episode 7 “Pushback” (B+)

The resolution of this whole Lucas-Dre conflict isn’t going to be easy if this installment was any indication. Marty continuing to advocate for Dre while Jeannie sets Lucas up with exactly what he needs to know to stall long enough to prevent a positive and quick deal is worrisome, since these two are self-destructive enough on their own, and working against each other to use two very powerful, hood rich people as puppets is infinitely more dangerous. It’s especially intriguing to see Jeannie throw herself wholly into her game, talking shop like she means it while seducing Lucas in the pool. Marty sucking up to Dre a few episodes ago hardly seems like a comparable amount of effort, though part of this is just Jeannie’s revenge for Marty picking a side and failing to see the big picture. Marty’s home life in this episode was even more chaotic, and it’s unfortunate to see him lash out at Roscoe for what he considers to be peculiar behavior, something that is only going to push him further away. It’s not as if Lex didn’t do as much as he cold to infuriate Marty, corrupting his son in a way that didn’t relate to his sexuality and demanding Cheetos, but Marty’s attitude just isn’t a good one. Seeing Lex change back into female clothing before walking into her house with her head down was somewhat of a wake-up call for Marty, but I still don’t think he’s there yet. His head is too much on work, and he’s in danger of losing his son as a result.

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