Thursday, February 20, 2014

What I’m Watching: Almost Human

Almost Human: Season 1, Episode 11 “Disrupt” (C+)

After a generally decent episode last week, this one got half of it right and then sort of fizzled out by the end. A Smart House with a self-sufficient security system is an intriguing concept, and the opening with Sam’s cool malfunctioning and the rather bloody deaths of the two inhabitants of the house was definitely chilling. Cyberterrorists are a cool notion, but all they really did was cause a blackout. What it all led to wasn’t terribly compelling either, and soon it was all about the hackers and the fact that, for some reason, Stahl was the first choice to go undercover with Kennex by her side. I hardly think that a popped collar, British accent, and pink hair constitute as proper disguises, and that was backed up by the hacker who responded in the affirmative when they sarcastically responded, “Do we look like cops?” I wasn’t too thrilled to hear Karl Urban’s accent since I remember when Michelle Ryan spent an entire episode of “Bionic Woman” using her real British accent for no reason, and my only real problem is I don’t buy Kennex as having the patience to put on a fake accent. It ended up all just leading to a game of hacker-and-mouse, which didn’t result in anything too exciting. The news that Dorian is being implanted with someone else’s memories is interesting, though whatever Kennex and Rudy think they’re doing by trying to hide it from him is definitely not going to have positive consequences.

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