Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 3, Episode 7 (B+)

There’s something about watching Sean navigate Hollywood that has a real train wreck quality to it. Every time he is given an idea that he knows isn’t right, he starts to mull it over, and somehow talks himself into the idea that maybe lying to Beverly isn’t a problem if she doesn’t know about it. He was able to be on the right side of things for a while after Beverly slept with Matt and then when they got back together since he had only slept with one other person, but now he’s putting himself squarely in the wrong. I’m not sure either Sean or Beverly truly wants to stay in America, but of the two of them, Sean has definitely enjoyed the allure more (Jay Leno gift baskets notwithstanding). It may be fun to see this show change gears to have them and Matt both working on different new shows, and it could help to shake up the dynamics. Carol’s relationship with Castor seems to have taken a dark turn, one that bothers even her, which is hard to do, not that Beverly sharing her opinion on the subject helps. Matt running into Labia while he was out with his kids definitely threw him for a loop since she actually seemed normal and over him, but he did get some good news when he found out that temporary paralysis had knocked out his number one competition for that new pilot. There’s so much brewing for these characters that it’s hard to know which of their dreams will implode first.

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