Friday, February 7, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 3, Episode 15 “Exes” (B+)

Even though I found one of this episode’s guest stars to be relatively disappointing and awfully predictable, I still heartily enjoyed this episode because it had something positive going on all fronts, sparing just Cece, who barely even appeared. Caroline has always been an intriguing figure since you never knew if she was actually crazy and manipulative or if part of it was just that Nick is incapable of substantial positive human interaction. Yet this episode made it clear that she is nuts, and she had some great moments, particularly pretending to drop Berkley’s baby, that showcased her deranged nature. Adam Brody’s Berkley was useful only for Nick to be able to revel in the fact that, for once, he was right, while an unfortunately shocked Jess tried to stop it from happening. Schmidt’s new bachelor pad is quite luxurious and intense, and it’s only fair that his buddies would want to use it to score even though it isn’t actually their place. Seeing all three men almost have a great night was a blast, and the way in which it fell apart because they couldn’t keep their stories, spaces, or strawberries straight was quite entertaining. Winston’s weird romance from a few episode persists, and I enjoyed the fact that his night was the only one that wasn’t ruined by the presence of the two other guys. It would have been nice to see Schmidt have a win for once, especially after his miserable parking line, but that will come soon enough hopefully.

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