Friday, February 14, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 1, Episode 4 “Family Affair” (F)

It’s good to know that Joe isn’t absolutely intent on killing everyone who crosses his path, even if his newest acolyte is more than eager to murder at every opportunity. Leslie Bibb’s Jana turned out to be a major ally of Joe’s, which means that she and her family are safe, though, in another shocking and completely unbelievable connection, she does happen to be the ex-wife of one Agent Gina Mendez, who happens to be in charge of the investigation into the subway murders and Joe’s whole cult. The FBI’s discussion about the fact that Lily’s villainous tendencies came out of nowhere is further compounded by the fact that Mendez would have no clue that the woman with whom she shares children is actually a close personal friend of Joe’s. Mike continues to waste time telling Ryan and Max that they need to stop working the case, and arresting Ryan was an unnecessary move that led to nothing productive. It did mean that Max was tailing Giselle all by herself, who, fresh off her strangulation of poor David, who apparently knew who she was, was intent on outwitting all Hardy family members by using her superb karate skills to fend them off. After Ryan stumbled and forgot to say that he was a federal agent before Giselle managed to get away on the train, Max seems to have been clever enough to follow her, though I presume that can only end bloodily for her. Lily and her multilingual family is a whole separate level of far-fetched, and let’s home that at least Lily and Joe share a good and intriguing connection.

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