Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 5, Episode 6 “Kill the Messenger” (B+)

This episode had a rather stark start, with Raylan walking into the bar and earning himself a punch to the face from Art, who wouldn’t even speak to him later in the episode, causing speculation to bubble and create curiosity in Tim and Rachel. I really like the relationship between Raylan and Rachel, and I’m glad she pushed him and called him out on making their dynamic seem overly professional. Allison getting startled by the dog at the Crowe home was eerie enough, but to be run off the road by Danny, who was barking madly like his dog, was downright frightening, and a sure sign that the Crowe brother is one true loose cannon. It was a pretty funny sight to see Carl think on his toes and claim that Danny didn’t actually kidnap him despite the fact that he was taped to a chair. After choosing the wrong ally to protect Ava, Boyd made the right decision to hire the Crowe family to beat him up and get his money back, and to help him kill Johnny once he realized that the man he sent in to get him was under duress. Ava is not doing well, but I do have to commend this show for giving her headphones-wearing lawyer the opportunity to make a case for him having a personality. All lawyer business aside, I would love to hear Boyd and Wendy have a conversation. My favorite interaction of the episode was definitely the sight of Allison and Raylan both seeing each other’s faces and asking just what happened.

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