Thursday, February 6, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 2, Episode 3 “Trust Me” (F)

As with every episode of this show, I can’t negotiate the consistent gross incompetence of every law enforcement official on this show with the absolute brilliance of every Joe Carroll follower, able to deceive everyone around them even when their own collectives are far from organized. I suspected that Lily was actually a devotee of Joe’s, especially because she is played by Connie Nielsen, an unfortunate follow-up to her terrific work on “Boss,” though I didn’t predict that she was the twins’ mother. And that’s the problem – to think that a relatively public figure would actually be working with a cult and had managed to keep adult twin sons who happen to be fluent in French a secret is absolutely ridiculous. Gillian throwing a tantrum over not getting to kill Carlos was idiotic, and I can’t even begin to address the way in which she refuses to speak English yet understands it and is understood perfectly makes little sense. It also seems to me that Emma basically went underground for a year, complete with a very flashy new haircut, and only left her apartment once, which just happened to be when the building was raided and almost all of its inhabitants killed. While the FBI is busy tailing Ryan and accusing but not charging him, Joe is making a slow but serious comeback, assisted heavily by Mandy, who loves her new father so much that she was willing to kill her own mother, poor Carrie Preston, just for the pleasure of seeing what stabbing someone a whole bunch of times for no reason felt like.

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