Friday, February 28, 2014

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 5, Episode 7 “Raw Deal” (B+)

One of the things this show does best is something that it doesn’t get too much credit for, mainly because its primary storylines are always so terrific as it is. But these random little one-off plots that find Raylan doing what his job actually entails, which is chasing some obscure bad guy who is really just a nuisance. TC was just that, someone who wasn’t able to spell marshal correctly but then drained all of Raylan’s bank accounts and taught him how to always be caller seven. Unfortunately, that whole affair got quite murderous when henchman Kemp was brought in, played by Gary Basaraba, the third series regular from creator Graham Yost’s “Boomtown” to make an appearance on this show. Dale Dickey as an evangelical inmate who is actually in charge of the heroin ring was another strong casting choice, and Ava is making some pretty big waves inside the prison by refusing to accept the status quo. Let’s just hope that Boyd gets himself out the latest pickle that Danny’s trigger finger has caused for his operation. He was a great character, but I’m not too sorry to see Johnny go since he brought out the worst in Boyd. As if those Crowes weren’t out of control enough, Wendy is stepping it up in a major way, getting Allison suspended and now moving on to seducing Raylan, something that couldn’t possibly end well, no matter how it plays out. Hopefully his trip to see his daughter will set him straight.

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