Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 5, Episode 5 “All Shot to Hell” (A-)

What an incredible show this is. To think that we’d seen an episode where Boyd was pretty much the good guy and Raylan was turning himself in despite finding a way to skate scot-free is marvelously unfathomable, yet here we are. In the latest bit of amazing casting that lasts just one episode we have Alan Tudyk of “Firefly” and “Suburgatory” fame as Elias Marcos, the assassin bold enough to stand up to a U.S. marshal and then decide to go in to a diner anyway to try to accomplish his mission before going out in a blaze of glory after firing round after round at two marshals. That Adam Arkin’s Theo Tonin was there and ended up getting arrested in the process is just terrific. This show has never provided its characters any safety, and seeing Jean getting blown away by big brother Danny after he threatened him was startling. Wendy was all set to leave town, and now she’s going to join her most intelligent brother and set up shop just to piss Raylan off. Boyd had quite the episode, killing Lee, who pleaded for his life in his final moments, having Deputy Mooney killed, disposing of Mara, and even gaining the upper hand in his first meeting with Daryl. But to learn that, on the eve of her release, Ava had been framed by the guard who hated her and already transferred to another prison is simply devastating. The most surprising moment, however, had to be Raylan’s decision to turn around and confess the truth to Art. I can barely wait until next week to see what comes next.

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