Monday, February 17, 2014

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 2, Episode 6 “Armies of One” (B+)

Brock really nailed it when he commented that big men with weapons keep coming to Banshee specifically to shoot Lucas. This latest interaction was particularly violent, but more notable because, for once, Lucas didn’t actually do anything wrong to merit this visit. That blame goes to Jason, who nearly got himself taken to pay for his actions despite Lucas’ major financial gift and still got himself strangled to death while having sex with Rebecca because Kai wants her all to himself. Lucas’ conversations and final standoff with Quentin were great, and his brutal decapitation is just the latest of ridiculous visuals to be seen on this show. Lucas is getting inside his head a lot after recent events, and it’s good that he has a relatively positive budding relationship with Siobhan to take his mind off of it sometimes. I love the way that Lucas sleeping with Siobhan and Rebecca trying to treat Jason like Kai treats his women were visually juxtaposed, so different yet neither truly real. Brock and Gordon teaming up to try to take down Lucas is worrisome, and Gordon’s mental state, and Deva’s death-defying drive, are not good signs either. Job’s news that Lucas didn’t actually steal diamonds doesn’t help anyone, and serves only as a reminder that even if Lucas solves one problem and gets rid of an enemy trying to put him in the ground, he still has a dozen more just waiting for the opportunity to knock him down a peg and put a bullet in him.

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