Monday, February 24, 2014

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 2, Episode 7 “Ways to Bury a Man” (B+)

This episode set things on a course that I didn’t expect, and I’m sure it will prove worthwhile even if it wouldn’t have been my idea for where the story should go. Lucas quickly deduced that Kai was the one responsible for Jason’s disappearance and presumable death, and rather than let it go so as not to draw attention to himself and the existence of a son, he’s decided that he is going to take down Kai no matter what it takes. I think it’s because, for how irritating and obnoxious Jason was, he symbolized a second chance that Lucas would have been lucky to get before having to spend more than a decade in prison, and he exhausted so much energy to save him from the henchmen who came to collect him. Rebecca is truly trapped now, and I was shocked that she had the guts to be so frank with Lucas to throw him off the scent when Kai was present. Enlisting Brock to help him take down Kai was the smartest move Lucas could have made, although clearly the legal system isn’t going to be effective enough, as proven by his outsourcing of a crucial job to Job and Sugar. Max’s asthma attack and hospitalization are very unfortunate developments, and to have Carrie be the present and responsible parent is especially devastating to Gordon, who continues to spiral downward and throw his life away. Let’s hope this crisis can help both parents start to get back on track.

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