Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 11 “Claimed” (B+)

This episode was functioning on a number of different levels, and the mixture of the multiple plotlines worked well. Michonne talking about how she wished she had soy milk and trying to put Carl in a good mood took an even warmer turn when Carl found out that Michonne had a child, and they got to play their little game of clearing each room and then asking a question. Of course, things did turn much darker when Michonne discovered the room full of dead people. Rick got himself into a situation much like in the pilot episode, trapped for what felt like forever under a bed as someone else dozed off, only to be spotted when the guy who had been sleeping got strangled so that his friend got have the bed. Fortunately, he managed to get out alive and just in the nick of time to warn the unsuspecting Michonne and Carl to turn back. Michael Cudlitz’s Sergeant Abraham Ford is turning out to be quite an interesting guy, and his dedication to bringing the esteemed scientist Eugene to Washington to help find a cure for the zombie apocalypse is intriguing. With Glenn, Tara, and Rosita, he completes a very formidable team that needs to start working together if they’re going to survive and thrive. It can’t be long before they get reunited with other people from their previous lives, and let’s hope that Tara and Glenn will still be able to look each other in the eye once all is fully laid out on the table.

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