Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 3, Episode 5 (B+)

One thing we hadn’t before seen on this show was sex therapy, and it was rather awkward and uncomfortable, particularly because Sean and Beverly were the ones experiencing – or rather, enduring – it. Fortunately, Carol’s awful recommendation seems to have been just what they needed to get back on track, digging so deep into their sexual frustrations that they managed not to even think about it at all and were able to get past them. Unfortunately, the reigniting of their marriage is timed with the devastating destruction of their show, which performed so horribly on Saturday night that Castor threw it in the garbage, without much hesitation from Carol this time around. Given that our show has already been renewed for a fourth season, there will obviously be something to keep the happy couple in Los Angeles. While Carol had an exhausting evening sleeping (or not sleeping) with her new boss, Merc reared his ugly head again, in a better way than last week, as Matt discovered that he had taken all of Jamie’s paintings. Replacing them with frames that had angry messages for Matt wasn’t nice. I enjoyed Matt and Morning acting like children after Beverly told them they had to go do something private. Matt meeting the journalist who called him fat allowed him to have a relatively cathartic moment, though that reporter did get his revenge when his excessive sipping caused enormous panic in Castor, who probably thought that the straw was talking to him or something even more wacky. He’s a real nut, that one.

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