Monday, February 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 2, Episode 4 “Bloodlines” (A-)

There’s always so much happening on this show, and it’s incredible to think about just how much effort is put into each individual storyline. Last week’s cross-cultural murder turned out to be much darker and bleaker than it initially seemed. Lucas going to talk to the teacher was deceptively calm and very foreboding, and it turned violent fast. Rebecca and Kai showing up proved productive, and Kai was quite forceful in his teeth-centric interrogation. Bringing Jonah’s teeth to Alex as a peace offering after their arguments got physical earlier in the episode was a very mature and forward-thinking move. Nola telling Alex that he shouldn’t work with Kai and then coming to kill Jonah in the prison was intense, and she’s certainly the more volatile of those two siblings. Something tells me she won’t leave Banshee so easily. Carrie trying so hard to reach out to her family and deciding that she’s ready to be fully honest with them is tough to watch, especially seeing how much Dava is spiraling out of control. Rabbit coming for a private visit at the prison was extremely disconcerting, and it’s good that all he wanted to do was proclaim his affection for her and tell her that they won’t see each other again. There’s plenty else to worry about, of course, namely the unsettling escape by Chayton which really shook Siobhan up. Rebecca and Jason getting together was rather unexpected and entertaining, and I also enjoyed the momentary interaction between Nola and Job.

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