Monday, March 2, 2015

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 3, Episode 8 “All the Wisdom I Got Left” (B-)

I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed by this episode, an hour that I thought addressed and concluded a long-running plotline in an intense but not entirely satisfying way. Maybe it was the fact that Chayton finally got taken down somewhere besides Banshee, which has had a sort of supernatural charm in that anything could happen within its borders, no matter how grotesque, violent, or illegal. Lucas and Brock tracking Chayton down to an illegal fighting ring in New Orleans put them distinctly on someone else’s turf, where their status as cops was just as disregarded as it would be and has been regularly in Banshee. Chayton nearly destroyed Lucas in the ring, and then when he came after him where he was staying, Lucas was able to end it with a resounding and irreversible fatal shotgun blast to the face. Brock seems to have made the whole police struggle in Banshee about Kai, the next enemy for them to defeat, though it seems that Rebecca has done a formidable enough job of that on her own by running business behind her uncle’s back efficiently enough to get him and poor Emily forcibly grabbed from a religious ceremony by an angry buyer. We saw some of Burton’s backstory in this episode, which is rare and helps to explain why he has such loyalty to Kai. Job and Sugar spending time together is usually rich for comedy, but in this case it was just an unfortunate tale of Sugar regretting past actions and being taken for guilt money for a number of years.

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