Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 17 “Undisclosed Recipients” (C+)

It’s fair to expect that Alicia’s new position of power comes with more than a few built-in relationships that may not be fully desirable to Alicia. It’s not as if either Guy Redmayne or Lemond Bishop was subtle in his statement of demands to the new State’s Attorney, and her response, to tell them that she was headed in a different direction, wasn’t uncalled for. Yet of course she’s not a political player, and Eli nearly bursting forced her to correct that error with the kind of pandering speech that I find it hard to believe wouldn’t infuriate Guy or Lemond. Castro is a different story altogether since he and Alicia were always at odds, and at least Finn, who would make a great choice for Alicia’s second-in-command no matter how it might look publicly, isn’t fazed at all by her stance. The case with the downloaded film was interesting, to be sure, but the juvenile reactions and gossipy culture the hack of e-mails from the firm created were far less compelling. It’s certainly true that many things have been said over e-mail that people at any level of an organization wish they had never said, whether due to genuine remorse or simply political savvy, but I didn’t find its execution, particularly all the bickering and Howard’s misremembering of dalliances with Kalinda, worthwhile. Marissa combing through Alicia’s e-mail history to find references to Will, on the other hand, is considerably more satisfyingly juicy. Things really haven’t been the same since he died.

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