Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 5, Episode 8 “Uncle Carl” (B+)

Is there anything better than the relationship between Carl and Chucky? Even after he repeatedly called him his niece and then strapped drugs to his body so that he would take the fall if police caught them, which they did immediately, Chucky still enthusiastically regaled his Uncle Carl with kind words and get excited by the proximity of their cells, a fact that was horrifying to irritated young delinquent Carl. He’s getting an early start on getting to know the prison system, and it was so entertaining to see the entire Gallagher clan pound on the glass and yell at him not to say anything. Let’s hope that Lip’s money scheme doesn’t get him into legal trouble since he really does have a promising future at the moment. Sammi’s new relationship with Frank has him carefully adhering to her every instruction to avoid being shot again, and it’s actually probably one of the healthier times of his life. The news that Gus is going on the road is welcome since it means that he might have some time to cool off and Fiona shouldn’t have too much opportunity to make things any worse, but her spontaneous idea to pick up and come with him did not go over the way she seemed to have thought it would. Ian isn’t doing well, and it took Mickey long enough to finally show up and be there for him, though it’s definitely going to be hard going forward. I heartily enjoyed Debs’ attempt to fake symptoms to get Ian a fresh dose of his pills.

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