Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 5, Episode 7 “Tell Me You Fucking Need Me” (B+)

Steve, Jimmy, whatever you might want to call him, has done a marvelous job of wrecking the precious thing that Fiona managed to find. Of course she was complicit in the adultery too, but Steve really egged her on by telling her that he wants to devote his life to her and that he’s scheduling and cancelling international trips on a whim to suit her needs and moods. Angela driving by to confirm his weasel-like nature to Fiona signaled a potential reappearance in her own right of a character we never got to know well enough, and maybe she’ll help Fiona through the next phase of her life, whether that be as a single woman or an ever-atoning wife. Sammi shooting Frank was quite extreme, but it may just be the way to his heart, since trying to understand the chaotic and awful inner workings of Frank’s mind has never been effective for any of his children, and behaving like him might just do the trick. Unfortunately, Ian is really not doing well under observation in the hospital, and his inability to accept his condition is only going to lead to it getting worse. Lip managed to come up with $5,000 based on cash advances from newly opened credit cards incredibly fast, and let’s hope his new mailbox is the first of many positive steps that can separate him from his family in terms of his success. It’s good to see Debs finally luck out in the romance department, and Uncle Carl having Chucky wait on him as payment for his protection at school is hilarious. Kev’s wife swap arrangement is very entertaining, and only Kev and Veronica could work through their marital problems in such a crude manner.

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