Thursday, March 26, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 15 “Try” (B-)

Here we are almost at the end of the season with just one episode left, and I feel like this show’s circular nature is rearing its head once again. Things were just starting to get interesting in Alexandria, and now they’re going to hell just in time for the season to end and things to pick up in a whole new place when the show returns sometime around Halloween for its sixth of who knows how many seasons. It was quite a sight to see Rick explode with rage when he was being so diplomatic and trying to get a drunken Pete out of Jessie’s home and away from her. Rick smacking Carl off of him seemed almost as violent as Pete pushing Jessie to the ground, and there’s no going back from the bloodthirsty beating Rick was enjoying giving Pete. At the very least, it’s good to know that no one else stood behind Rick and served to further alienate the Alexandria residents, and Michonne even went so far as to punch him out when he got too belligerent. Something tells me that his friends won’t leave him to be jailed or punished by anyone else, and though that system of law and order could work, it just won’t happen. I liked seeing more of the underused Rosita in this hour, and I hope that in the finale and beyond we get to see a bit more of all of our characters. And I think we have to be approaching a time when Sasha does more than just blindly shoot things to get out her aggression.

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