Saturday, March 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 1, Episode 5 “Alpine Shepherd Boy” (B+)

I really liked this episode, which is assuredly the strongest installment this show has produced yet. After his daring billboard exploits, Jimmy is now swimming in clients, but of course there’s always a catch. My favorite was probably his first visit, the rich businessman who wanted to secede from the United States and was prepared to offer Jimmy $500,000 on the spot – in the currency of his new country, of course. The sexually suggestive toilet was pretty spectacular as well, and his positive visit to the woman who trusted him was great, though the catch there was that he was only making $140. I’m glad that Jimmy is developing a positive relationship with Kim, who seems to like him and support him despite her professional allegiance to Howard. It was no surprise that Chuck was visited by police after his mad dash through the outside light to get a newspaper, and equally unquestionable that the police would burst into his home and not heed his requests to ground themselves before doing so. I like that Jimmy sprang into action to ensure that his brother was being treated well and that he tried to rile Howard up by telling him that he was committing Chuck because he wanted so badly to keep up the firm’s reputation by making it seem like he was still functioning fine. Clea DuVall was terrific as Dr. Cruz, subtly diagnosing Chuck and making her point reasonably. And after Jimmy called him a senior citizen, we saw Mike get cornered by the law at his home. Could this be how Saul Goodman’s business gets started, with Mike as his first major client?

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