Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 6, Episode 6 “Alive Day” (B+)

There’s nothing that compares to the writing on this show. The way its characters talk is so uniquely superb, each contributing some sort of specific intelligence, even those who possess just as much stupidity. Choo Choo is probably the best example, well aware of how others perceive him yet hopeless to emote more than he does, ultimately undone by a conflict of his desire to protect the one person who was ever nice to him and his allegiance to Tye and his unit. Ending his life on train tracks was a brilliant way to go, made all the more effective by the fact that he didn’t end up hurting anyone since the train stopped in time. When the good guys actually catch the bad guys, it’s a surprise since they spend so much time just chatting figuratively, and Raylan and Tim showing up to catch Tye in the act of confirming his role in a planned crime was terrific. Avery is clean, but he’s going to have a hard time moving forward with most of his crew in the wind. His proposal to Catherine really threw her for a loop, and I loved Wynn’s attempt to remember the four or five Cs of a diamond. Zachariah and Boyd seemed to be doing just fine, but then we saw Zachariah’s true colors, which suggest a dark fate for Boyd down the road. Limehouse calling Boyd to turn Ava in was bad news, and I worry that she’s not destined to stick around much longer given the nature of many recent developments.

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