Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 15 “Open Source” (B-)

This was the most law-focused episode of this show that we’ve seen in a while, though it was still a bit messy because there are too many characters to manage in a coherent way. Finn is the attorney in the case but also has Diane sitting next to him, involving her husband as an expert witness in a move detrimental to their marriage, and Cary, still distrustful of the man who nearly sent him to prison, and Alicia, distracted by her campaign, sitting by as well. This was certainly an evolving case, one constantly reframed by new information and by the easily biased tendencies of Denis O’Hare’s Judge Abernathy and the direct manipulation by Mamie Gummer’s Nancy of his emotions. Diane and Kurt did just fine making it through the awkwardness of having to do their intertwining jobs. Alicia and Prady had a pretty good moment together, seeming genuine and honest, and I’m quite glad that Alicia didn’t follow up Prady’s Jesuit confession with an admission of her deteriorated marriage with Peter. Johnny defying Eli was bold, but he did manage to get Alicia to give a good speech and even prepare for a passionate kiss at the end of the episode that is sure to lead to more. Canning and David tricking Alicia into inquiring about money for a Palestinian group wasn’t an enthralling as I think it was meant to be, and Alicia moving Canning’s phone even further out of his reach when she walked out didn’t feel like the kind of move she would typically make, even if it was meant to be spiteful.

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