Friday, March 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 4, Episode 8 “He Didn’t Mean That, Natalie Portman” (B+)

After Jeannie punched Monica in the face at the end of the last episode, I had expected to see plenty of Marty’s ex-wife in this half-hour. Instead, we got a focus on our four main characters and a few of the people in each of their lives, with Marty’s spotlight reduced to just one person, Mary McCormack’s Denna Altshuler. She certainly is a formidable ally for Kaan and Associates, but she also seems just as interested in getting something out of it as Monica did when she was sleeping with Marty all the time. The shocked look on Marty’s face at the end of the episode was concerning, since it’s rare to be able to catch him off guard in a way that makes him feel powerless. Marty did manage to rile Ellis up as he arrived at their offices intent on pillaging everything, furious that Marty and Denna had colluded to tank the stock price that they had worked so hard to get up past $200. Clyde’s father is certainly something, and I like just how excited Jeannie and Marty got to be able to spend time with someone with embarrassing dirt on Clyde. Doug looking out for his good bud and putting in a good word with Kelsey did not turn out at all how he had hoped it would, and something tells me that Clyde will be just as disgusted as Doug was to learn that Kelsey is interested in both of them. Somehow, I just don’t see a threesome happening, though I think Doug would be far more open to considering it than Clyde possibly would.

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