Monday, March 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 16 “For All You Know” (B-)

I’m not a huge fan of amnesia, and while I know that we’re dealing with Sherlock’s dark period in which he blacked out regularly because of his intense consumption of drugs, it still counts as the same thing. Sherlock, even in his darkest days, should know that he wouldn’t have been capable of killing someone, and that he shouldn’t doubt himself like he did. Obviously, bringing up his time as an addict measurably affected him, and it was particularly bad timing considering the fact that he had been conducting a lack of sleep experiment that left him especially unprepared for the task ahead. It was great to see Watson, rescued from a terribly irritating consulting case, step in to help her friend who has helped her so many times in the past, intent on proving his innocence, both to him and to the police. I liked the casting choice of the real Michael Weston (not to be confused with the “Burn Notice” character), a familiar face from “Garden State” and “Six Feet Under,” as Oscar, Sherlock’s homeless buddy who sold misspelled Prada knockoffs and seemed like a relatively decent guy considering his circumstances. It’s good to know that, even in the face of accusations of wrongdoing, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell are firmly in Sherlock’s corner, prepared to defend his character and do all they can to ensure that all the facts are presented and he isn’t thrown under the bus. Fortunately, he’s a pretty smart guy and would never be so stupid as to actually commit a crime and get caught.

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