Friday, March 6, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 4, Episode 7 (B)

This wasn’t the best episode this show has produced, mainly because its storylines weren’t as wild and hilarious as they usually are. Every show needs an installment or two to regroup, and I think this episode brought things to an appropriate head for its two main threads. Sean’s frustration with Matt not caring about reading their script brought up a problem that would otherwise never have come up, which presented itself in a far more direct and inescapable way than when Morning cursed out Sean and Beverly for not considering her for their show. Matt assuming that they wanted him and eagerly inviting them over for a celebratory meal with his mostly deaf mother was only made more awkward by the fact that neither of them spoke up to shut down his excitement before it was too late, and blaming it on Helen was a foolish tactic. I’m a bit disappointed that she seems to have become such an oblivious character, one whose great successes in life are diminished by her inability to perceive the intensity level at which she operates. Carol is not a particularly great communicator, but she’s not really at fault here. The moment in this episode that I enjoyed most was when Beverly commented on returning to the LeBlanc residence, prompting considerable confusion from Matt and an astonished expression of “I’ll wait” from Beverly. LeBlanc really has done an incredible job of crafting a self-centered version of himself who has absolutely no concept of what’s going on in the world unless it relates directly to him at that express moment.

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