Thursday, March 5, 2015

What I’m Watching: Togetherness

Togetherness: Season 1, Episode 7 “Party Time” (B+)

Normally, I wouldn’t be too ecstatic about characters skipping family events to go do drugs and run around the wilderness, but in this case it served to really open Brett up and enable him the opportunity to scream loudly into the wind with Linda right in his face. His reaction to the mushrooms, aside from a FaceTime puking incident, wasn’t an immature, overexaggerated one, but instead a recognition that he could be calm and not have to feel weird for being weird. Showing up at the party in a bathrobe and telling Michelle that they should separate so that they can stay happy wasn’t the best idea, and I can imagine that it will be incredibly hard to go back from that. That said, Michelle did light up the moment that David showed up to the party with his daughters. Tina had a miserable time trying to get the Bouncy House set up, shooing away Larry and his cat and snapping at Michelle for trying to tell her that it wasn’t so important for her to get it set up. I love that Alex was ultimately the one to try to console her and to help her drive the Bouncy House to its proper resting place. Ending with her telling him that she was going to move in with Larry as they were embracing was intense, and underlines this show’s dramatic nature. It’s still finding its tone and mood, but I’m very pleased to see the direction in which it’s headed.

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