Monday, March 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 17 “Karma” (B)

It’s strange to see flashbacks featured in this show that depict Finch as a vengeful person seeking to harm someone else. Everything we’ve seen of him up until this point, from his time with Nathan to his present setup, suggests that he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, let alone plant a bomb in their car to kill him. His tormenting of Alicia Corwan, who died long ago on this show, seemed out of character and very much unlike him, even if it was to prove the point that killing is never the way to go, no matter how bad you may think someone is. Patrick Kennedy’s Dr. Edwards went to great lengths to set up the man he was convinced had killed his wife, ready to take his own life so that he could be punished and imprisoned for the murder. Fusco wanted to let him take out the garbage for him wasn’t so shocking, but I’m surprised that Reese seemed so willing to let him go through with it. While Finch was pretending to be one of his patients, Reese also got closer with his own therapist, using Iris as a way in to the gala where Dr. Edwards presented his passion project and then got threatened by Wyatt. They’re undoubtedly getting closer, which is a good thing for the usually stoic and lonely Reese, but as they’ve learned, having attachments also means having vulnerabilities and places where those with malicious intentions can really get to you when they most want to.

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