Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 13 “Forget” (B+)

It’s jarring to see this group in such peaceful surroundings and to see just how much it unnerves them. Some of them are acclimating better than others, and Sasha definitely represents the less conductive end of the spectrum, freaking out at a kind woman offering to make her her favorite meal, unable to comprehend that making something that she wouldn’t like would be her biggest worry. Daryl came the furthest in terms of his attitude towards their new dwellings, spending some quality time with Aaron over spaghetti and realizing that arming themselves might not be so necessary. I like the idea of Daryl as a recruiter, though I don’t see him fully taking on the responsibility just yet. The sight of Rick and Michonne in ties and uniforms was quite something, and they just need to focus on what’s best for the town and not just for the group, and they should do just fine. Everyone has husbands and happy families, which is strange, but maybe that’s just what our friends need right now. Nothing compared, of course, to what Carol chose to do when an innocent boy caught her snooping where she shouldn’t have been, telling him one hell of a ghost story about what she would do if he told anyone what he saw, ending her threat with a promise of a whole batch of cookies just for him. There’s no need to worry about walkers when Carol, dressed nicely and eager to please with her recipes, is prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect herself.

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