Sunday, March 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 3, Episode 3 “Exposed” (F)

I think we all learned an important lesson from this episode: if you’re a serial killer with a particular interest in boxing people up, it’s best to try to make a clean getaway without a memory-handicapped family member by your side. It’s extremely hard to believe that Neil Perry managed to stay in the wind for so long when he snapped and nearly killed his father’s nurse for letting her out of his sight for a minute and he was so well known for his specific talents that Haley could identify him to the FBI in mere minutes. Usually, it’s police incompetency that rules the day, but in this case Ryan and his pals actually did okay, getting spotted on their way into the market but not allowing any innocent to die while they were in pursuit, which has to be a record. Sure, those two reporters got killed during Mark’s interview, but that’s actually a pretty low body count for an episode of this show. I can’t comprehend why Kyle and Dawn are so set on keeping Mark in the dark about their real purpose when they obviously think he’s crazy and don’t actually need him for whatever their ultimate endgame is. Bugging Max’s apartment is a worrisome development, but one would think that as a main character, she’s immune to true harm, since it’s only fringe characters who actually get killed, with the exception of Debra and, on the other side of things, Emma. Regarding the latter, fortunately actress Valorie Curry has moved on to much better things in her current recurring stint on “House of Lies.” After starting on this show, however, is there any way to go but way up?

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