Sunday, March 29, 2015

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 6, Episode 10 “Trust” (B+)

I’m pretty pleased to say that the final season of this show isn’t flying by as I had expected it to, but instead proceeding along at the kind of deliberate, slowly fascinating pace this show has always excelled at. We still have three episodes to go and each one so far this season has radically redefined where everything is headed. I can’t decide which I love more – the many layers of trust and deception or the exceptional dialogue that makes this show feel so much like a modern-day Western. Everyone is double-crossing everyone else but then going back on it, and it’s absolutely terrific. Mikey deducing Wynn’s role in the imprisonment of Catherine’s husband and calling Catherine to cash in on that knowledge became irrelevant quickly as Boyd took her hostage and used her to get Avery to pay him. Then, as Ava was telling Boyd she’d support him and then chatting with Raylan about what was really going on, Ava decided to shoot Boyd and run away with the money, leaving a flummoxed Raylan without the first clue about what to do. And all that after Vasquez revealed that he was planning to send Ava back to jail no matter what. On to the subject of conversation, I loved Boone’s dialogue with Raylan and the fact that, while he was looking for something fun to do in Harlan County, he opted to go back to the diner and intimidate the waiter into giving him his hat for $80. “They always say that, probably heard it in the movies” was one of my favorite lines, but I also liked Raylan asking Tim, “You really think this ends in a trial,” to which Tim essentially implied that Raylan was the one who would end up shooting him.

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