Friday, March 6, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Following (Season Premiere)

The Following: Season 3, Episode 1 “New Blood” (F)

Why do I still watch this show? I don’t know, but I think it would best be described as “hate-watching.” I’m torn between finding it so needlessly disturbing, particularly that Gina couldn’t even be permitted some peace on her wedding day with a heartbroken father who turned out to be a twisted murderer carrying out a nefarious plot throwing blood all over her wedding dress, and just plain stupid, with Sam Underwood now playing two roles at the same time, speaking to himself and eating dinner facing a mirror rather than a dead body. I’ve always taken such issue with this show’s impossible contradiction of deranged killers plagued by internal demons and actual lunacy and their incredible ability to evade all detection because of their apparent brilliance. The power of cults is also highly questionable, since somehow Mark is reenacting the circumstances that led to the death of his mother and the impending execution of Joe Carroll yet he’s not actually in charge and someone else is pulling the strings for entirely different reasons. Am I interested to find out what’s really going on? A little. Will I pleased when I find out? Surely not. I do appreciate the casting of Hunter Parrish, who was good on “Weeds” but always destined for something darker like this. It is awfully jarring to see Zuleikha Robinson, most recently seen as terrorist Roya on “Homeland,” in the role of Ryan’s new girlfriend and potential new roommate. Do we suspect that she’s actually a killer? Yes. Should he have fallen for that again? No. Does that mean she’s in store for a brutal death, regardless of whether she’s actually good or bad? Definitely.

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