Thursday, March 19, 2015

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 4, Episode 9 “Daddy Issues” (B+)

Starting this episode off with Ace and Jessa in bed together was not an accurate indicator of where this episode would end up, as Ace casually stopping in with his current girlfriend Jessa to see his ex-girlfriend Mimi Rose and her unexcited boyfriend Adam resulted in what was a far too lackadaisical conversation about who should be dating whom. Jessa, who’s always rather ethereal and abnormal about relationships, just seemed annoyed that Ace wasn’t interested in her, while Adam, for once, was the truly reasonable one in the room, failing to comprehend how Mimi Rose could so easily and quickly dismiss the fact that they’re living together. Elijah helping Hannah’s dad adjust to his new status out of the closet definitely wasn’t helping Hannah deal with it any better, and she went into Ray’s election party feeling just about the same as he was after Marnie told him the news of her engagement and the two stared off into space as the credits rolled, both equally discontent. Ray looking right at Marnie when he promised to take care of people was intense, and it’s a good thing Shoshanna didn’t catch his line of sight. Marnie announcing the engagement at the end of the party after telling Desi that they shouldn’t make a big deal of it shows just how disconnected she’s become from her friends and how desperately she wants to make sure that this is actually real, which means that its inevitable end is going to be soul-crushing and devastating for the already drama-prone Marnie.

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