Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 16 “Blunt” (B)

It’s good to see the team functioning relatively well together, though I’m still not quite as enticed by some of these installments that don’t directly involve Samaritan, even though the end did indicate that Root is up to something big. The return of Dominic was inevitable since he and Elias really have a stronghold on criminal enterprise in New York City, and it’s so interesting to see how much he knows about Reese, now Riley, and the rest of our friends, yet he never really poses a true threat to them. I’m surprised that Reese didn’t break the news about Shaw to him since the two of them spent some personal time together and she’s surely his favorite out of the crew. It was funny to hear Finch catch himself while talking to Harper, about to reference Mr. Reese before quickly correcting to Detective Riley. Harper was the most difficult kind of number, one fully intent on getting into trouble with no concept of what consequences there would be, and who still wouldn’t have done anything differently had she realized. Fusco is proving to be an asset lately, no longer a punching bag after affirming his commitment to the team and the cause. I liked the scene in the club because it had a nice rhythm to it that wasn’t the same familiar, albeit excellent, musical meter of this show. I’m very intrigued about Root and what she’s doing, and I’m eager to see where her plan takes her and what her endgame really is.

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