Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 5, Episode 2 “Cash Game” (B+)

Maybe my analysis that Boyd is going to be this season’s big villain wasn’t exactly accurate, since Garret Dillahunt’s character, now revealed to be Ty Walker, appears to be quite shady himself and none too pleased when he realizes that things have not gone his way. I thought he was going to blow a fuse and kill the couple that turned down his purchase offer and called him a peacock, but he held it together long enough to freak out at Calhoun and then to intimidate the bank manager in the true style of this show, eerily calm but deadly in his choice of words. I’m a big fan of Choo Choo, who provided plenty of comedy, first with Raylan’s dissection of the phrase “You ain’t followin’ me” and then with Tim picking him up and bringing him back home, where he surely enjoyed letting slip the fact that he is in fact a U.S. marshal. I like the interactions between Raylan and Tim, which in this episode went off talking about when babies are supposed to start walking to how best to evade a tail. Boyd was sweet enough to offer to buy a big coat for Iceland if Ava wanted to go there, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. His working relationship with Wynn and Catherine is going sour, and he and Ava are only circling comfort, not yet having arrived there. Ava helping trigger a major realization about the building/bank may have helped things considerably, but I’m more worried about Sam Elliott’s Avery, who not so subtly suggested to Catherine that a disloyal underling should have both eyes taken out. Raylan and Boyd’s meeting, unsurprisingly, was one of the best parts of the episodes, with Raylan picking apart yet another saying. I’m particularly eager to see who Ty’s boss turns out to be, though this show usually does a fantastic job of casting the lower-level thugs.

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