Sunday, February 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 1, Episode 14 “Fallout” (B)

This episode was jam-packed with lots of actions, and things happening very quickly where they had previously been building over the course of a number of weeks. Having Ronnie and Dr. Stein back seemed too good to be true, and of course it would make sense for them to merge, separate, and then merge again all over the course of a day or so to combat a villain, General Eiling, who theoretically could find them anywhere, like, say, Pittsburgh. Yet things are never sewn up so simply on shows like this, and that’s part of their appeal. There was plenty of entertainment to go around from the lines spoken, particularly from Dr. Stein as uttered by Victor Garber, about his unshakable connection to Ronnie. I like the notion of having recurring characters who might pop up now and again, but I do wonder how long Ronnie could feasibly stay away from Caitlin and whether something tragic has to happen to separate them fully instead. I wouldn’t mind have Ronnie as a regular member of the team, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards. Iris is doing a great job of fulfilling her role as the intrepid reporter, and she’s soon going to find herself in trouble, likely not from Caitlin or Cisco but from Dr. Wells, who will surely go to great lengths to protect the secrecy of his operation. It turns out that Wells is Reverse-Flash, which isn’t a big shock, and he’s still, to an extent, a good guy, sicking the gorilla on Eiling to make sure that his friends stay safe. I’m sure we’ll soon see Reverse-Flash going into the past to kill Barry’s mother to make sure he stays on his path while Barry makes a desperate but likely unsuccessful attempt to change history.

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