Monday, February 2, 2015

What I’m Watching: Babylon

Babylon: Season 1, Episode 4 (B+)

This show has taken a darker turn in the wake of Richard’s suicide, but that hasn’t weakened it in any way. Liz went from being at the top of everything with her new internal press system looking like a sure thing to essentially being dismissed by Finn. Of course, the way that he and Charlie handled things wasn’t so smooth, and having to track down a bomber while doing damage control for the late commissioner’s promiscuousness wasn’t easy. A black teenager being shot and killed by armed police made things considerably more intense and dramatic in a way that hits close to home, and turned things from comical, with Robbie insulting gay people without knowing that one of his fellow officers is gay, to much more serious. Liz’s argument that he wasn’t black did seem somewhat manipulative, but I think she was just trying to make sure the situation didn’t get even worse without her there to keep it all in check. I love that she decided that the only thing to do was to go on television and take an interview in which she reasserted her position in the administration of the department while simultaneously cleaning up every mess Finn had caused in her short absence. I’m guessing that Charlie is going to be happy to have her back even if she did circumvent him to ensure the stability of her position, and Finn should really get in line soon. The officers in the field could sure use her help too.

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