Sunday, February 15, 2015

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 14 “Guilty” (B)

I guess that shocking glimpse of Shaw at the end of last week’s episode was all we’re going to get for now, and, for some reason, Root is also entirely absent from this episode, which was a real shame. It’s not that the boys can’t handle it, but I think she enhances she show whenever she’s around. What having the core duo of Finch and Reese working together did was underline just how much people around them get hurt, with Fusco seeming like an innocent bystander and unexpectedly asserting himself, pledging his allegiance to the cause and his willingness to be put in harm’s way to help people. I’m all for positive Fusco moments since I think he’s the show’s inarguable punching bag and rarely deserves the treatment he gets. Finch getting assigned to a jury was a great move by the machine to make sure that he would be where he needed to in order to help protect Emma and sway the jury in the right direction. I like that Zoe, who hasn’t been a main character but a welcome recurring personality, showed up to help Reese out and flirt out of control with him. I really like the dynamic that he’s forming with Iris, and I look forward to their continued conversations. This show always benefits from having a female presence despite the effective partnership of its two male leads, and I’m curious to see if Shaw will end up having a more permanent replacement of some sort in the near future.

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