Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 13 “Hemlock” (B+)

And just like that, Kitty is gone and we’re back to the same dynamic we used to have on this show. I grew to be fond of Kitty but don’t feel that she is vital to the relationships on and effectiveness of the show, and so while I think she didn’t get a particularly fitting goodbye and could well be due for a return soon, I have no problem with getting back to how things used to be. That proved to be especially helpful for the particular personal development of the week, which was Watson having the unexpected impromptu opportunity to meet Andrew’s father. To her and his credit, she did very well, and it should have cemented what could have been a mature and healthy relationship. Instead, it showed Watson that this isn’t what she wants, a conclusion Sherlock helped her get to. It’s a shame since she could have used a positive relationship in her life, but this will at least enable her to get back to what she actually wants to do after a pharmaceutical diversion and attempt at being domesticated. This latest case did require plenty of attention from both of them, as trying to figure out killed a debt collector produced an unusually large slate of suspects, and I was most interested by the change of heart that it was revealed that the victim underwent, opting to forgive all debts so that he could have a less weighty profession on his conscience and do something to fulfill his life.

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