Thursday, February 26, 2015

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 4, Episode 6 “Close Up” (B+)

This was a fun episode, highlighting each of our characters, girls and boys, as they faced the latest tribulations in their lives with plenty of wit, frustration, and personality. Jessa was the only one who didn’t really do anything, while Hannah made the realization that she wants to help people, something that she’ll likely tire of very quickly. Marnie and Desi went from having lots of sex to a major argument about whether they thought of themselves like another band and Desi wanting to write songs by himself and polish his motorcycle instead of appreciating Marnie’s creativity. Shoshanna has proven that she is the absolute worst at interviews, and her banter with Jason Ritter was absolutely fantastic. She’s jumping ahead a bit in terms of her marriage plans, but I’d be happy to see him again and see where their soupy romance goes. Ray going to the city to fight for what he believes in was a great step, and I love that he didn’t end up getting called and then he launched into a tirade for the rights of the people, which resulted in the members of the council bickering like children. It would be a thrill to see him run for political office, even such a minor one, and I heartily look forward to his campaign. Mimi-Rose is a fantastic character, and it was great to see a lovestruck Adam change his tune so much when she casually dropped the news that she had an abortion. An odd ending montage was actually fitting, and it makes me pleased with the direction this season is taking.

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