Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 15 “When Your Number’s Up” (B)

I always find it interesting when this show, or any crime show for that matter, shows a murder happening where we clearly see the killer before the investigation even begins. In this case, said killer was portrayed by Alicia Witt, who’s turning into TV guest star royalty recently after showing up on “Justified” and “House of Lies” in recurring roles and taking on challenging and layered parts that demonstrate strong talent. It wasn’t initially clear what she was doing, killing random people and leaving money with them, and gradually understanding more of the insurance schemes that she was trying to unveil was an interesting process, particularly because her own circumstances were not at all what they seemed to be. Another familiar face was Maria Dizzia, who portrays Polly on “Orange is the New Black,” as her sister, who nearly got herself taken out and valued by her murderous sibling. The case was certainly creative, but it didn’t present an eventual clarity that I found to be satisfying or thought-provoking. Instead, the episode ended with a personal development, one that’s just the latest in a long tradition of indecision on Watson’s part about where she’s going to live. Sherlock buying her place was a big statement, and separating spaces in the loft – and scaring Sherlock in the process by nailing a door shut – was a clever and probably effective solution to needing to ensure that they could be close enough to work side-by-side but have some crucial separation that would allow them both, but mostly Watson, some peace.

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