Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 5, Episode 4 “A Night to Remem…Wait, What?” (B)

This wasn’t my favorite episode, mainly because I think that this show is much smarter than a drunken night of lost memories. It’s not crazy to think that Frank would spend his money all too freely when he got his bi insurance check, but I do have a hard time believing that even a man with Diamond in his name could convince Frank to donate all of his winnings to help amputees afford their new limbs. The funnier part of it is that Frank finally made his money and then blew it all in one night, and even had to give away the fancy car he got because people were ready to beat him up for hitting someone with it. He should take solace in the fact that he taught his son how to use math to deal drugs, which is a skill that many fathers don’t get to pass on to their children. Deb is headed down an interesting path after her magical night with Matty, and now it looks like she’s going to do something all Gallaghers all built to do: fight. Seeing Lip get excited about an intellectual interest is a treat, and he may just manage to piss off his non-girlfriend more than he planned to piss off her parents by working with her father on one of his cool tech projects. Veronica having too much fun on the dance floor was pretty crazy, and it didn’t seem to faze Kev all that much. The most lamentable moment, of course, was Fiona deciding to marry her rocker boyfriend on a whim and having no sense of what it is that she’s just done.

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