Friday, February 20, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 4, Episode 6 (B+)

We don’t get to see much of anyone’s family on this show too often, and lest we expect some unusual sweetness, it’s better instead to be prepared for a family dynamic in which characters whisper expletives at each other just to get the last word in. It’s not all Matt’s fault, of course, as both his father and his stepmother are truly awful people, who respond to him getting them a better room by demanding photos of the “Friends” cast autographed by more than just him to give out as bribes to ensure that his father gets the proper treatment. The need for a trustworthy doctor reminded me of when Junior on “The Sopranos” was obsessed with a physician simply because he was named John Kennedy. Sean’s conversation with his father, who displayed no emotion and said that you don’t need the best for a quadruple bypass before recommending only people he didn’t have confidence in, was very entertaining. Matt’s stepmother being concerned about what might happen to her if her husband died and left her with nothing was quite hilariously selfish, and I love that all Matt’s father wanted after he sold all his cars to keep the condo was a new car. Morning’s passive-aggressive conversation with Sean and Beverly about a role on their new show was pretty terrific, and she’s really not too great about hiding her true feelings. Carol did a magnificent job of coming up with the worst pet name ever for Helen, and let’s hope that’s the biggest of the problems in their accelerated romance.

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